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Corporate Events

Jean-Paul loves catching the emotion, the drama and the laughter as she strives to tell the story of your event.


We work very closely with our clients and our passionate team are directly reachable and contactable during the photographic and retouching processes


Our firm aim is to carefully and consistently deliver stunning imagery that illuminates and elevates our client's campaigns.


My Happy Clients!

Kavart Photography photo's of our wedding was personal and beautiful. He understood exactly what we wanted to remember and capture; places, people, and emotions. We couldn't have wished for a better photographer and our memories will now always look fabulous. Thanks Jean-Paul.
Deborah Sims

Area of Services!

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography, with good reason. Good portrait photographers are able to capture the personality and emotion of people around them, along via wCorporate photography, senior portraits, family photography sessions, and so on.
Stunning and effective fashion photography setups. Includes styling, posing, props and lighting with Professional photographer.
creation of images to be used by businesses for selling or promoting their brand. This usually falls into the category of product or lifestyle imagery.
specialises in shooting bespoke campaigns ranging from studio work to local and national location projects. Our small but highly experienced team are experts in all aspects of still life and product photography.


Every time the shutter is released during a shoot, Jean-Paul is considering the visual possibilities of what happens later in the editing suite.


Our small and highly personable team are a selection of expert still life photographers in Colorado. We work with household-brands shooting stunning creative advertising campaigns from our new Aurora studio and out on location. 


Consultations are free!

If you’re not sure where to start or what’s required, I’m always happy to discuss the most efficient and cost effective way to  meet your needs.

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